09/05/2013 Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Northumberland

Collard Flycather: This was my first long distance twitch, OK I know some of you guys go to Uist or Scilly in a day for a mega but after a 3.45 hour journey from Chester to Northumberland's east coast I have to tip my cap to you hardcore twitchers.
This little beauty was hanging around the gauze bushes and was showing really well. I had only just recently saw my first UK Pied Fly but wouldn't it be strange if I had a Collard Fly on my list before bagging the Pied Fly?
This bush was full off Blackcap, Song Thrush,  Whitethroat and Scott also spotted a male Yellowhammer but you just can't take your eyes off this stunning Collard Fly, another great twitch.