21/01/2017 Northumberland, East Chevington NWT

Pacific Diver: Northumberland's first PD and mine too! I couldn't resist the long and early drive up to add this to my list.
Although it didn't come as close as it did later in the afternoon I still had super scope views and was well pleased to add it to my list, beats a long trip to Cornwall for one!
Twite: After having my fill of the diver and seeing it in flight too I headed south from Durage Bay CP and towards Chibburn Mouth.
Here there were over 50 Twite and 7 Shore Lark hanging about, it appears that some good natured locals have been putting seed in this area for some time.
Shore Lark: I've seen several Shore Lark but never this flighty, they didn't come close and ensured they kept their distance by continuously being on the move.
Perhaps this is a sign of how busy this part of the beach was as there were plenty of dog walkers and passersby that were walking straight through them.