01/09/2016 Houghton Green Pool

Green Sandpiper: Another pleasant morning spent on the flash, every time the flash emerges from over the hill I am always hoping I'll find something rare!


Black-tailed Godwit:  Although there was nothing rare I did pick up a small flock of 13 blackwits, a new bird for me on Houghton Green which was good.

Greenshank: The usual suspects still remained, plenty of Yellow Wags,  a single Greenshank, a single Ruff and two Green Sandpiper.
The last time I was here the water levels were very low, so low I could see large fish swimming and gasping for air in the muddy pool.
By the time I packed up and left the site was becoming really busy with several dog walkers, one of which spooked the Ruff and blackwits which disappeared.
Grey Wagtail: Rare, maybe nextime....