19/01/2016 Horsebere Pool, Gloucestershire

Penduline Tit: What an absolute beauty, made even more beautiful with the frosted topped reeds and bullrush's of Horsebere.

They are such striking bird and surpassingly small just like real masked bandits.
I left in the early hours to beat the traffic and once I parked up and after waiting for the sun to rise I headed out in to the freezing fog and frosty air to wait with the growing crowd.
Luckily I didn't have to wait too long before I caught my first sighting of my first Penduline, typically it was a fleeting glimpse as the pair flew over the reeds.

The crowds soon relocated the birds and they put on a real good show.
Originally I was hoping to tick these birds on Sunday but fate delivered snow, thick, white, icy snow - I just hate the stuff!