16/12/2015 My Garden, Abram, Wigan

White Wagtail: The last few months have been great for my garden list with two new ticks, a white Wag and Blackcap, my first ever Grey Squirrel and good numbers of Goldfinches and Starling.

There often hear and see always Grey Wagtails around the neighbourhood but never in my garden, until this bird came to feed on some spilt fat from under the fat ball feeder.

Not remind me that the grass needs cutting! Its like a jungle out there and all this mild weather isn't helping the issue.

Blackcap: The start of the show however has to be this male wintering Blackcap that has been regularly visiting my garden feeders for a number of weeks. Favouring the lowest positioned fat ball feeder, he likes to hop about the veg plot before making his move.

(image taken through double glazed windows)

Greater Spotted Woodpecker: This was only my second record of a GSW in the garden and I was thrilled to get an image, even if it was through the double glazed windows.
The bird stuck around a lot longer then the last one as it fed on the fat balls before flying on to the fence for a short preen and then off in to a nearby tree.

(image taken through double glazed windows)