28/03/2015 Seaton Park, Aberdeenshire

Harlequin Duck: Sorry for the late posting, a change of jobs has put a lot more work on my plate!

Leaving things late for a 'typical' twitch yet again, I was thrilled to finally pick up such a great bird.

But I guess the bird matured and is looking more and more sexy every day, so perhaps it was a good thing that I twitched the bird a couple of months after it turned up. 
When Dawn and I arrived in the morning the weather was typical, grey, dark and wet!

Once relocated luckily for me the bird it was happily perched on the side of the river posing for some photos.

We watched it as it moved on to the river and started drifting through the nearby rapids before taking off and disappearing up the river.
We left the River Don for some lunch and some sight seeing then decided to check out Papermill Lane where the bird regularly goes in the afternoon.
With the breeding bird season well under way I will be even more busy surveying, but I will try my hardest to keep things up to date as best I can.

A great UKMEGA!