20/03/2015 Carr Mill Dam, St Helens

Common Scoter: I've seen thousands of Scoter off shore and half a dozen in some local lakes like Pennington Flash and Elton Reservoir, but I have never seen a Scoter showing this well before.
The bird was found yesterday at Carr Mill Dam, however it wasn't spotted loafing around on the main lake like I've seen them before but on an outflow stream on the south east side of the lake.
It looked like the bird, that usually migrates and flys through the night was brought down by the recent fog.

The bird then settled on the lake and drifted towards the outflow and down on to the stream.
When I arrived the RSPCA were there doing what they do best. It was feared that the bird might be unable to take off from the stream as they need a good running start, unlike a Mallard that can take off almost vertically like a helicopter!
It was Derek Hampson from the RSPCA who was chest deep in the murky waters trying his hardest to capture the bird and take it to Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre.
But the Scoter had other ideas and gave Derek the run around as it constantly dove under the water only to emerge behind him or at the other side of the outflow.

Another empty net!
It seemed like the Scoter was playing around with Derek and at times laughing!
But Derek kept his cool and patience getting closer and closer to the bird each time.

The chase was finally over.

With lightning reflexes the Scoter dove under water again but this time swam right in to the RSPCA's well placed net.

With a splash and a cheer the bird was safe and sound and on its was to Stapeley Grange.