24/01/2015 Pilling Lane Ends, Lancs

Pomarine Skua: Its really good to be back from my weeks trip to Morocco, despite the cold winds and grey skies of Lancashire. I was really pleased that the long staying Pom was still showing well.

Thanks to Alan McBride for the directions however he didn't say that there would be a mile long walk involved!  When I arrived the bird had been spooked off yet again by another dog walker and it flew off right down to the bottom end of the path.

I didn't have to wait too long as the bird seemed to appear out of nowhere from the marsh and land a few yards in front of me as it took shelter behind a large piece of drift wood. Soon a small crowd of birders gathered around me and we watched it for about 45 minutes before it took off.

The bird flew out of sight and back down towards the dead bird it has been feeding on for a few days now. We all followed it back down the long path where it was feasting.

It's been a long time since I last saw a Pom, Shetland back when I was a Student, but I never had views like this.