21/09/2014 Spurn, North Yorkshire

Masked Shrike: My first day back from sunny Spain where I was treated to stunning views of Booted and Short Toed Eagle. Bee Eaters and Purple Swamp Hen but the best day of my annual leave was at a very busy and very dull grey day at Spurn!

Alan and I arrived around 11ish after fighting our way through the M60 and its awful ongoing speed restrictions. When we finally got there and found a parking space we made our way straight to the Shrike.
To begin with the bird was pretty distant, occasionally flying down to the ground after bugs and back up in to the hedgerow. The bird however was working a circuit up and down and soon came pretty close giving us and the hordes of twitches some cracking views!  
Barred Warbler: For a long time I have been after a barred, this along with a long list of other tarts ticks.
We waited in a site where a barred had been recently seen and bumped in to Steve Burke and Rob and the Doc Brewster.

Again we didn't have to wait long before the bird came out and showed itself.
So far I was on for a great two tick day, and thought we could try for the Olive-backed Pipit that has been knocking around which would make this an excellent three tick day.
Wheatear: This however was always going to be a stretch too far, after missing it around lunch time when Alan and I were occupied stuffing our faces and warming up in the nearby pub.

We did however pick up a stunning Wheatear on the rocks.
Red-breasted Flycatcher: I then bumped in to Jonnie Fisk while looking in another hedge for a RBF.
Spain was good, but adding two ticks to my list was better, especially the 3rd Masked Shrike!