15/04/2014 Binn Green, Dove Stone RSPB

Brambling: After seeing Tanmay's crippling pictures of the male Two Barred Crossbill from yesterday  I decided to use my day off and go try my luck.

After arriving at around 10am and joining a small group of birders waiting - we waited, and waited!

I kept myself occupied taking some pictures of the wide variety of finches Binn Green has to offer, the place was full of bird song and some really nice birds such as this cracking male Brambling.

Siskin: As the morning slowly turned to afternoon I was really pleased to have Martyn Jones and co. join the group watching the larches, Paul Brewster and co then added to our numbers.
Lesser Redpoll: I knew the bird was showing well in the afternoons but as time went by I decided to say my goodbyes and head off home to do a spot of gardening. This proved to be a bloody awful decision as the Two Barred made an appearance not long after I left, gutted!

Ring Ouzel:  One consolation was spotting this male rouzel high up in the trees across from the viewing platform - a year tick!
Willow Warbler: Great weather, great company and good birds to be had, oh and thanks to Mr Jones for sharing his superb pictures of the two barred with me, I would like to say I am well and truly green!

You can't win them all I guess!