13/02/2014 Pennington Flash

Brambling:  This morning was glorious, blue skies and no wind, a stark contrast to yesterdays strong winds, so before I started work I took a quick trip down to penny.
I headed down to the feeding station hoping to see their resident Brambling, and there it was, within minutes the bird emerged from the bushes and headed straight to the back feeding table.
Greenfinch: The feeding station was noticeably busy, full of finches and tits happily making the most of the calm after the storm to feed up.
Greater Spotted Woodpecker: By no means rare, but always nice to see in close quarters, this male GS Woodie came down to the feeding station with its eyes fixed on the cage of peanuts.
Other highlights included a stunning male Goldeneye close in by the car park, displaying to a nearby female.

I missed the Water Rail which came in to the feeding station, but its nice to know its there and is showing well. And on the way home I almost hit a male Sparrowhawk as it shot right passed my windscreen and down between some houses, pretty cool.

It wasn't only my shed which was claimed by last nights storm as it lost its roof and completely collapsed in on itself.

Here at penny there was a few branches laying around but most notably this large tree had come down covering the path towards Horrocks Hide.