05/01/2014 Hoylake

Waders: Back to the Wirral to make the most of the last of the high tides and I wasn't disappointed as the Hoylakes high tide wader roost put on a good show.

This is always a stunning sight, we had tons of Sanderlings, Knot and Grey Plover only 10-25ft away from the prom.

Peregrine Falcon: Tom and I were enjoying the free entertainment that the flocks of waders were putting on for us until they all took off at once and out of nowhere this female Peregrine swoop in and took a Sanderling (I think).

Wheatear: Before attending the Hoylakes wader roost I made it down to Burton Marsh in search of the Siberian Chiffchaff - no luck unfortunately, but I did see the female Wheatear which has been hanging around for a while.

The highlight of the day was most certainly Hoylakes high tide wader roost, however it was very disturbing to see so many obtuse, thoughtless, ignorant DOG WALKERS just happily walking across the roost and disturbing the waders! Is this a case of uneducated folk who need the correct info or do these people not care? I mean if I saw a bunch of birders looking at a large flock of birds, or a small part of beach with thousands of flocking waders circling the skies waiting to drop back and roost I would think twice and walk on the path.