03/01/2014 Parkgate Marsh

Short Ear Owl: With the weather forecast predicting 70mph winds and knowing there was going to be a 10.1 meter high tide I thought I would spend my day watching the Parkgate  high tide extravaganza!
Field Mouse: All the predators had their eyes peeled for small mammals like this Field Mouse. I witnessed Black Headed Gulls feasting on mice and rats and local Herons stuffing their crops!

I also counted three SE Owls, two Kestrels and one ring tail Hen Harrier all on the hunt for an easy meal.
Short Ear Owl: The highlight of the day was this SE Owl which came in close before soaring right over my head before disappearing past the houses.

Although the forecast got it a bit wrong as the winds were not that strong, it was still a very windy, very damp and very grim day, I was kind of gutted as when the SE Owl came close the clouds closed in and light was lost! However the day was brightened up my watching thousands of birds flying around Parkgate Marsh.

Water Rail: It wasn't just Field Mice and other small mammals getting pushed off the marsh by the tide. I counted eight Water Rail scampering for their lives off the flooded marsh.

Great White Egret: It was also great to see this GW Egret making the most of the 'fast' food!