10/02/2013 Frodsham Marsh

Pochard: The rain was relentless and the paths were a muddy mess but my trousers were worse! There were four Ravens in tank 5 along with two Buzzards worming in tank 5. Tank 6 has loads of common duck, Tufted, Mallard and Teal, but no sign of the female Scaup, not until I look over in the far border pool where it flew off or did it?

Dam!!! I should of treaded lightly if I had I might of got a better pic....and not disturbed the bird! It flew back in with the crowd of Tuffties out of camera range!
Was this a femle Scaup or a femle Tuffted Duck? I dont wanna tick it off without a firm ID. There has been a female Scaup there fo a while now! I did thinks Sacup at first and looking in Collins and online I still do....but I have a niggling doubt!

Confirmed FEMALE POCHARD....as I thought!!