15/01/2013 Longleat Center Parcs

Roe Deer: Springwatch had its very own mammal stump, well eat your heart out Springwatch as for one week I had my very own.

And mine had Deer and Badgers! 

Dawn and I, plus friends spent 4 nights at Longleat Center Parcs and upon arrival my first task was not the unpacking or grabbing the best bed, but putting out my bird seed and fat balls out in the garden.

I didn't bring any feeders so I decided to just scatter the food on an old tree stump which was visible from the lodge.

First came the birds, Coal Tit, Blue Tit and Robins, then first thing in the morning I opened the curtains and was amazed to see this Roe Deer feeding on the seed.
Badger: Then at around 5am I was woken up by a lodge mate running in to our room saying "there's a badger outside"

I shot up, grabbed my camera and there it was a huge Badger only a few feet away from the window nibbling on the scattered food, AWESOME!