09/10/2012 Leighton Moss RSPB

Bearded Tit: It was a stunning morning at Leighton Moss before I started my working with volunteer’s course as it was clod but calm and clear. I headed straight down to the grit feeders down towards the public hides and came across a huge gaggle of birders at least 20 people standing and waiting in the cold. I took my place, at the back of the crowd and waited and waited then I was treated to stunning views of a female tit. I waited another 2 hours hoping for the male to show itself but had to settle for the just views of the female.

 A lifer for me (:

The one that got away, this must have been the best, sharpest image I took of the tit but unfortunately the bloody bird was looking the wrong way!

Marsh Tit: Other birds of note on the day where 2 Whooper Swans at Lillian's Hide and Marsh tits on the feeders.