08/04/2018 Wirral

Chiffchaff: A lovely morning spent on the Wirral catching up with some spring migrants, including chiffchaff, swallow and ring ouzel.

 I started the day off at Leasowe Lighthouse where I bumped in to Patrick who said he had not much luck this morning.
Sparrowhawk & Starling: After a quick catch up I headed down the very muddy Lingham Lane when Patrick called me saying a news of a male ring ouzel came through and was still in the are.
With renewd vigour I reached a small group of birders who pointed it out to me, the bird was opposite the horse paddocks, but kept its distance.

Ring Ouzel: We watched it until it got spooked by the nearby sheep and disappeared out of view.
After walking around the Ligthouse I saw two more swallow but no wheatear as I was hoping for.

Great White Egret: As I travelled in my car out of Leasowe I spotted a sphawk fighting with s starling, i quickly parked up and jumped out. great little drama to witness.

On the way home I stopped off at Neston and picked up the local GWE and three lovely looking water pipit down near the sewage works.