26/08/2017 Leighton Moss RSPB

Purple Heron: After my first visit to see the purple Heron at Leighton Moss last week I was keen to go and try my luck again, for some better images.

..........and I wasn't disappointed.

Upon my arrival the bird was in it's usual place, viewable from Greizdale hide, tucked in and obscured by the reeds on the left hand side.

Seeing the bird was made more difficult by the eight or so birders scrabbling over one another to get a better view, whenever the bird decided to lift it's head up from the reeds.
Eventually my patience paid off and the bird walked in to view revealing its whole body and legs before talking off for a short flight on to the water and out of the reeds.
I was absolutely thrilled, Purple Herons are great birds enhanced by the fact this bird should be overwintering in Africa made seeing it even better.
The bird eventually moved completely out of view and was hidden again by the reeds. I did however read via Twitter that it flew off once more, but this time it headed over to the causeway and roosted with the Little Egrets.