21/06/2017 Ainsdale Sand Dunes National Nature Reserve, Southport

Dark Green Fritillary: After another early breeding bird survey, I decided to continue my butterfly adventures and to visit the nearby Ainsdale Dunes.

This extensive dune system on Sefton Coastline is one of the largest areas of wild dune left in Britain and is the best place to see green frits in Lancashire.

The Dark Green Fritillary gets it's name from a dark greenish tinge to the undersides of its wings, which are decorated with large silver spots known as 'pearls.'

It takes a bit of patience to get a good view of one, as they tend to be very active, hurtling around in search of nectar. This large fritillary is a strong flier and when on the wing is forever fluttering about and stops to feed only for a few seconds before continuing it's fluttering.

But when they do stop they are just simply beautiful little creatures!
There are few better ways of spending an hour on a warm summer's day than sitting quietly and watching these butterflies feed.