19/05/2017 Burton Mere Wetlands, RSPB

Buff-breasted Sandpiper: OK these are possibly some of the worst images of BBS that you will see, however this bird was too far fro my lens and I had to use the iPhone and scope combo!

Despite the bad pictures the bird showed really well at time while at other time sit was obscured by the vegetation or pretty distant.
The news came though this morning while I waved goodbye to Dawn as she went off to work and I just poured myself some cereal.

Leaving the stewing bowl of Weetabix I grabbed my gear and ruched down the M6/M56 towards the bird.
I was really surprised of how small this bird was, it often came right up close to a Ruff and Redshank were you could see the size comparison.
This is the first twitchable Wirral record since 1973.....although there have been some recent local records at Frodsham and Woolston Eyes.

Hats off to Colin Wells who found the bird tis morning, a top bloke.