07/05/2017 Morfa Madryn Nature Reserve, Conwy

Citrine Wagtail: A classic bogey.....a bird that I have been trying to tick off for many years, but for some reason has eluded me. I have dipped before and it's pretty scarce and I have never seen one in the UK before.  Well not until today!
I was originally offered a trip out to Worlds End, Wrexham with Damian and Neil, but after a couple of drinks at a friends wedding the night before I couldn’t face an early morning. So when I woke up, in a leisurely fashion I decided to try my luck for the Cit Wag and made my way down the A55.

When I arrived the sun was out and the tide was out, so I wasn’t holding my breath too much as these birds tend to go missing in the heat of the day. After the long walk from the car park to the hide I was told that the bird hadn’t been seen for at least 3 hours.
I wasn’t deterred and stayed on and searched the area it was last seen. It wasn’t until Pete Kinsella arrived who first spotted the bird that our spirits were raised. The bird however didn’t want to play ball and suckled out of view for much of the time before reappearing and giving us all great views.

Always a highlight when you tick a new bird as it is also to bump in to Pete and Sue and Kinsella and Mark Nightingale.