22/03/2017 Pennington Flash

Little Gull: Sitting in front of the Mac and doing paperwork, email and a little business promotion on a dank, drizzly day sucks, big time!

So when news came through that there were four adult Little Gull at Penny I was quick to log out, sign off and grab my waterproofs.
Upon arriving at a packed Horrocks Hide the four birds were way out in the bay opposite the sailing club, but in no time they came a bit closer.

When they did come closer I left the hide to gain a better vantage point for taking pictures. All four birds were following each other across the flash and were actively foraging with their distinctive hawking behaviour.
Unfortunately the weather got worse and I was soon drenched from head to toe. Nevertheless I was really pleased to be out and pleased to catch up with the quartet.
All birds being adults had their distinctive dark, blackish undrwings, white upperwings and white tails, however they the didn't have their black hoods just yet.

There has been a really nice selection of gulls at the flash this winter and it was nice to end it with a new Pennington Flash species.
I could have watched them all day, however my paperwork wasn't going to do itself so after about an hour I headed home to dry off and continue working.