20/03/2017 Burton Mere Wetlands RSPB

Little Gull: Often when I blog about BMW I tend to say how great the place is and how it is one of my favourite places, well today's no exception.
Like that of the 'Cheers' theme-tune BMW is one of the few places I can go where everyone knows my name. It is full of familiar and friendly people who stop and chat, which for me is the beauty of BMW.
Over the last few days a 1st winter Little Gull has been reported from Marsh Covert hides bridge screen and has been showing well.

I don't often see many Little Gull's and it is a real treat when I do. I think they are pretty cool dainty birds and nice gulls to connect with.
Like the reports were suggesting the bird didn't disappoint and was showing well, giving the small group of spectators a chance to see it's 'W' pattern across it's wings, black tail band and it's faint dark secondary barring.

The bird even took a break from time to time and sat on the water in between tern like foraging and chasing Black-headed gulls.

This image shows the birds under wings quite nicely, as adults and juveniles are very distinctive and quite different. Juveniles have white under wings while the adults have black under wings and lose their back barring across their backs and wings and turn white.

I was told that the bird has been seen on and off for a few weeks around BMW and Burton Point before settling on March Covert pool. If you haven't seen one in a while I would highly recommend a trip down to BMW before it disappears.