04/01/2017 Moore Nature Reserve

Bittern: I felt inspired after seeing Gill Ollier's fantastic images from his New Year's day outing to Moore, and thought I would try my luck to see the Bittern.

I remember when the Phoenix Hide was round and had a roof, before it got burned down, hence its name, the Phoenix Hide.
I've seen plenty of Bittern in my time but perhaps surprisingly never at Moore. I remember spending hours upon hours sitting in the old round hide overlooking the Eastern Reedbed waiting for a glimpse of the Bittern and never seeing it, well not until today!

The bird showed twice while I was there between 0900-1230, the fisrt time it flew from the middle of the Eastern Reedbed and flew in to a small cut out on the near bank. The second time I saw the bird it flew from this cut out and across to the other pool, before landing in the reeds.