29/12/2016 Walton Hall Park, Liverpool

Red-crested Pochard: This was another post-winter bird survey trip as I wanted to make the most of the blue skies and nice weather and after seeing Damian Young's and Dave Craven's pictures from Wally Park recently I thought I would make the most of the day's limited light and head over there.
Almost straight away I picked out 'Pablo' Wally Parks long recorded RCP loafing about with the manky looking inbred mallard and geese.
By all accounts no one knows where Pablo has come from but it's not ringed. I've been informed it's been there for about 5 years.

Don't ask who came up with the birds nickname, but I'm sure it has something to do with the birds Spanish connections.

Despite it's original origins RCP are always a smart bird, especially the males.  
Mediterranean Gull: While I made my way back to the car I was keen to check out the large flocks of gulls foraging in the muddy playing fields surrounding the park.
I'm glad I did as I picked out this stonking adult winter med gull loafing around the more common Black-headed Gulls.
The bird was pretty flighty and was often disturbed by the words of dog walkers that were constantly crossing the field.
Not a bad end to the day after a very cold three hour vantage point survey and transect where I was frozen to the bone despite several layers and thermals!
Here is a nice comparison shot between the two species, on the right the med gull showing off its clean white wing tips and dark mask behind the eye. On the left the Black-headed Gull with it's black wing tips folded along it's tail and black spot behind the eye.