23/12/2016 St. Asaph, North Wales

Black-throated Thrush: Finally caught up with this little Christmas cracker!

The Black-throated Thrush, which has taken up a winter residence in the small town of St. Asaph, was found back on the 16th of December.
Since then the bird has been extremely hard to pin down, with scarce reports, of which would usually consist of statements like 'brief views or 'seen briefly before flying out of view'. None of which fills you full of hope.

However over the last two days the news reports became more positive as the bird seemed to have settled better and started to put on a show.

Yesterday especially, as the bird was filmed drinking from the nearby River Elwy and photographed extensively perched up in the trees around the football pitch.

So for the second time this week I ventured out to North Wales in search of the BTT.

Upon arriving I bumped in to Iggo and his son Ben, two top blokes who accompanied me for the morning.

With a bit of luck, thanks to Iggo appearing to randomly walk off in what I thought was the wrong direction, we stumbled upon the bird down an alley perched upon a branch in a garden The bird then flew off into a nearby Hawthorn to feed giving us prolonged views if a little obscured by branches. Another great Thrush nicely added to the list.