07/12/2016 Trench Pool, Telford, Shropshire

Velvet Scoter: Another great trip out, this time to Shropshire in search of the  resident Velvet Scoter that has been wintering on Trench Pool.

The bird has been here for a few weeks now and seems happy enough amongst the Tufted Ducks, however it doesn't tolerate any gulls and several times I observed it attacking the gulls on the pool.

Tricky bird to get close to as it was extremely flighty and would be spooked easily by anyone passing by.

The bird seemed to spend time in the centre of the pool either preening or loafing and goes to the far end to forage and feed.

The best bet is to sit low on one of the fishing platforms on the eastern corner and wait for the bird to come to you.
Unfortunately I didnt have enough time to implement this strategy and the sun was always in the wrong position.

Still, despite the poor images it was great to see the bird and it's diagnostic features such as it's white speculum and distinctive white secondaries up close.