09/11/2016 Houghton Green Pool, Warrington

Fieldfare: After the US election results I decided to go cheer myself up and go birding!

Its the best medicine.
I started at Pennington  Flash with a very pleasant walk although it was very quiet on the bird front with the highlights being 7 Goosander

From penny I had a spot of lunch with Dawn then went to Houghton Green where I was treated to some cracking views of one of my favorite British birds.
The pool was typically empty, with a handful of Wigeon, Teal and Black-headed Gulls with 23 Lapwing on the bank.

However there were five Fieldfare along the Hawthorn bushes, they were not that difficult to get close to as they were busy feeding on the Autumn berries.

The world has changed and I feel like a minority who strongly opposes so much that the right of politics stands for, definitely a nice bird to see and one that put the smile back on my face.