03/11/2016 Skinningrove, Cleveland

Eastern Black Redstart: After seeing social media full of images of this little stunner, I couldn't turn down the invite when Iggo got in touch asking if I wanted to go.
If only all twitches were like this, almost as soon as we walked onto the beach the little bird wasn't shy and showed incredibly well.
Like other Redstarts the bird is fond of bobbing it's head and acting like a Robin. It typically flicks its tail which is considered diagnostic.

There are five commonly accepted subspecies of the Black Redstart. Take away the fact that the subspecies occur in different locations the main difference is observed in the bird's upper-part colouration of the adult male.
Phoenicurus ochruros phoenicuroides. Occurs from Tian Shan eastwards to Mongolia.The male adult birds have lower breast, belly and flanks with a stunning deep rufous colouration and the pale wing-patch is absent and sometimes have white foreheads.

The species typically inhabits stony ground often in mountains, particularly cliffs. However they have recently expanded their range of habitats and moved into towns, villages and urban areas. So the rocky tidal defences is a home from home for this little chap.