23/10/2016 Spurn, East Yorkshire

Siberian Stonechat: Another trip to Spurn, this time with the intention of ticking the Isabelline Wheatear.

Typically I arrived on the day the bird disappeared.
Instead we had to settle for this little cracker, a probable Stejneger's Siberian Stonechat, a race of Siberian Stonechat and a rare visitor to Britain!

If or when, this bird gets accepted by the BOU and becomes a tickable bird it will be more sought after than the Isabelline Wheatear we missed.
Tricky little bird to pin down, almost as soon as I raised my lens and focused it was off it almost seemed like the bird was taunting us all!
Snow Bunting:  Here is some reading that might be found useful and interesting regarding the Stejneger's Siberian Stonechat.

After we had our fill of the Stonechat we embarked on the long, long walk back from the point, across the breach and back to civilisation.
We heard over Iggo's radio that there was a showy Snow Bunting at the caravan site near Bluebell Car Park and we weren't disappointed as the little beauty showed really well.

There were also four Twite happily feeding next to the same caravan site.
Twite: Despite the distinct lack of birds, especially because the winds looked so good the night before I still had a great day out with some excellent company, cheers Danion, Garry and Iggo.