03/10/2016 The Great Orme

Booted Warbler: A first for me and a first for Conwy, this cracking bird was found by Tom Gravett this morning.

When I arrived the bird was happily foraging amongst the grass next to a small gorse bush near the Limestone Carpark. 

(Iphone Scoped Image)

There was some discussion over this bird being a Sykes Warbler, as far as I could see it didn't have dark feet or boots! However with it having a broad super and a shorter bill I believe it has now been separated and pinned down as  Booted Warbler. 
And isn't it typical when my big lens is broken and in the shop getting fixed, a really good bird turns up locally leaving me using my Iphone through my scope and my old (rubbish) 75-300mm lens.

Oh well, I should have my big lens back soon and it was great to add such a scarce and tricky bird to my list.

(75-300mm 5.6 lens Images)