07/03/2016 Ainsdale Beach

Sanderling: Toady I was hoping to follow in the footsteps of Neil Gordon who struck bird-gold yesterday at Birkdale Golf Course finding a flock of 50 Common Crossbill and managed to get some cracking pics too.

I know these birds regularly frequent the pines of the dunes in this area and I have tried twice in the past to find these elusive birds without any luck.

I met up with Patrick Earith and we set off in to the dunes finding Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Coal Tit and Goldcrest but no Crossbill, no sign or sound of them.

From Birkdale I decided to go check out Ainsdale Beach for 'stumpy' the one legged Caspian Gull, but it was looking like one of those days; the kind when you don't see the birds you are hoping for, the kind I regularly have!
The tide was quickly retreating when I arrived and after a long fruitless search for the Caspo I happily got distracted by this feeding Sanderling that put on a good show.
Common Scoter: It was also brilliant to watch several hundred Common Scoter flying and bobbing up and down off shore.
They were very flighty, I only wish I had my scope with me so I could scan the flock and look for some of the more rarer Scoter.
Grey Plover & Knot: Despite not seeing either of my target birds it was a stunning day with some good company and good supporting cast of birds.