12/10/2015 Conwy RSPB

Spoonbill: Today I found myself back in North Wales after last week's Alpine Swift, but this time for three spectacular Spoonbill.
I arrived early afternoon where the trio were happily roosting on a scrape in front of Benrath Hide. I waited around 20 minutes before they decided to feed and put on a good spooning show!

One of the three birds had coloured rings attached to both legs and I have been informed that this bird was rung in Holland.

The folks on the other side of the country who regularly get Spoonbill are very lucky, as these birds are great and a welcomed addition in the North West.

I haven't seen many in the UK and even fewer in the North West, mainly Parkgate and Leighton Moss but I have never had them come this close and put on such a good show.

I watched them until they spooned their way out of view, by which time I was getting cold from the prevailing winds coming straight in to the hide so headed back to the warmth of my car.

Just take a look at that brilliant bill.