04/08/2015 Pennington Flash

Sabine's Gull: When I woke up this morning and tucked in to my Weetabix I didn't think I would for one moment be rushing out of the house and going to my local to see a stunning adult Sabs gull.

When I arrived the gull was loafing just off the side of Horrock's Hide. I was one of the first on the scene which really paid off as the gull drifted the closest it came the whole time I was there, this was before the crowds arrived.

This little cracker is the 2nd only record for Greater Manchester, I think the first one was on Audenshaw Reservoirs ages ago! And a 2nd for me after the Burton Mere bird a few years ago.

I was there for a good couple of hours as the crowds swelled and all the familiar faces came out so I got chatting away. And in all the time I was there I only saw the bird take flight once, and only for a very short distance.

I was hoping that the bird would give me some super flight views, showing off its contrasting upper wing pattern and fork tail.

But alas, these were the best of the small opportunities I had.

The bird seemed very relaxed and settled as it dip fed and slowly paddled past Horrock's where it was joined by several Black-headed Gulls and even a juv Med Gull.

Mediterranean Gull: The Med Gull was a bonus and a brief distraction from the Sabs which was still showing really well when I left.