30/05/2015 The New Forrest National Park, Dorset

Cuckoo: Once we had our fill of Pagham Harbour, after enjoying the Little and Sandwich Terns and getting some great views of Spot Fly in Norton Church yard Gary and I decided to go back over to Bournemouth where we were staying the night.

Back at the hotel and after a 'shockingly' bad cup of tea made by Gary - don't give up your day job mate! We thought we would make the most of the sunshine and long days and go explore The New Forrest.

Almost as soon as we arrived and after literally dodging the local ponies I caught sight of Dartford's and plenty of Skylark and Mipits. I thought this place was awesome, we managed to see two pairs of Redstart and heard at least four Cuckoo.

Most of the calling Cuckoo sounded very deep in the valley and I didn't think we would get lucky enough to actually see one.

How wrong was I?!
Redstart: As we headed back to the car Gary noticed a cuckoo right by us in a nearby tree. This bird was fascinating as it periodically dropped from it's perch and landed on the ground.

While on the ground it was foraging for worms and other inverts, a behaviour I have never seen before.