14/06/2015 Bardsey Island

Cretzschmar's Bunting: I never thought I would be travelling to Bardsey and ticking this little cracker today!

I was on my way to the West Midlands hoping to get myself the Melodious Warbler that has been down there for a week or so now when I got a call from Frank Duff who convinced me to turn around and go with him for the Cretz.

 We arrived at Porth Meudwy or the "Fishermen's Cove", near Aberdaron and after a quick dash from the car park we missed the second boat of the day and had to wait for the third.

Butterfly Orchid: We didn't have to wait too long for the next boat and in no time we were heading up the path towards the lighthouse.

The bird was flittering around the lighthouse compound occasionally coming to a patch of seed the warden had put out.

Frank and I filled our boots with some brilliant views although at the time the sun was in the wrong place - as you can tell from my images!

What a great trip, my first visit to Bardsey, a great day out with Fank and what a brilliant bird to have added to my list.

Two tips if anyone is going, wear waterproofs on the boat, it gets bloody wet on the crossing over!

And if you have time keep an eye out while your walking down towards the harbour, you might find a couple of Butterfly Orchid that are in fill bloom.