01/06/2015 Amble, Northumberland

Eider: After arriving home from Dorset and a very early night, Gary, Jon and I left Manchester and headed for the Black-winged Part.

But alas this would prove to be another futile attempt to see this blasted bird!

We arrived not long after the bird was spooked by some Crows and flew North, eventually ending up in Aberdeen!

Never mind!

Ever since Scott brought me to Amble Harbour a couple of years ago after our successful Collard Flycatcher twitch I have always thought Amble was pretty awesome.

So I thought we could go and take some wholemeal bread and visit Ambles famous Eider, and we weren't disappointed.  

In the usual Eider style they came straight over and were not shy, overall we ended up with some great birds, great views, great company but a rubbish dip!