01/05/2015 Meare Heath, Somerset

Hudsonian Godwit:  April is starting to shape up nicely with another UKMEGA in the bag!

With only 2 UK expected records and the last one seen 1988 I was in tears that I had missed this bird when it turned up last weekend.

The bird usually summers in northern Canada and Alaska, migrating through the centre of North America in the spring, so I didn't think I would get another chance at the HudWit and was thrilled when it made another appearance.

As soon as we arrived the bird was showing incredibly well and we were treated to the booming sounds of Bittern, great views of GWE and drake Garganey. It was great to see the bird in flight and be able to pick out the black under wing coverts, great to see this bird in flight! 

Here is a nice comparison against a Black-tailed Godwit, note the HudWit (right) is much darker.

Off to Cornwall now - Great Blue Heron here we come!