28/02/2015 Slimbridge WWT

Common Carne: Dawn and I woke up early and decided to give the new car another big run out and with the local reports slim on the ground I thought I would try again for the fudge duck down at Slimbridge.
After a quick McDonalds and a good run down to Gloucestershire we headed straight over to the Tower Hide where the fudge was last reported.

We waited about half an hour before a familiar face turned up.
Great to see some locals so far from our stomping groups up North, Peter & Sue, a great couple from Wrexham who share the same passion for birds and Tony from Halton a great local birder with a wealth of knowledge.
Ferruginous Duck: I waited with them for about half an hour before trying our luck at another site on Slimbridge where the duck could be found.

On the way Dawn and I got distracted by some lovely Crane showing well from one of the hides.
 Then out of nowhere Tony turned up saying "Aust the birds back, com'on" so we raced back up to Tower Hide and there it was, suckling about the reeds of the Knott Pool.
We watched the bird come out in the open water and paddle across to the nearby bank, giving us all some cracking views!

Thanks again to Tony who came back and gave me a heads up, I owe you a drink mate, cheers.