20/02/1015 Shotwick Fields & Parkgate

Bewick's Swan: A last minute change of mind saw me going down to the Wirral instead of Moore Nature Reserve for the day.

After dropping Dawn off at work I picked Jon up and headed down to bag some Bewick's.
Jon and I counted at least 30 birds, however there must have been another hundred further out across the fields that we couldn't get a positive ID on so there could be many more out there.
The Bewick's are the Swans with the darker bill and the Whoopers have more of a yellow wedge on their bill and have less black on the tip.
Jack Snipe: Jon and I then headed up to BMW for Jon's first LEO and then to Parkgate for the high tide.

The highlights being this Jack Snipe who was hunkered down and trying not to attract any attention to itself while it floated on some vegetation.