15/02/2015 Forest Farm, Cardiff

Little Bunting: Alan and I set off not too early and made good time 'again' despite the road works, when I think back I can't remember the last time the M6/M5 didn't have some sort of road works.

When we arrived at Forest Farm, after getting some confusing directions to the hide from some Sunday walkers, we got lucky as almost as soon as we arrived in the hide the bird hopped out from behind a bush and started posing.

The rapid fire of a dozen camera shutters rained down on the little bird.
But the bird seemed to like the lime light and made it's way closer to the hide, well within two metres, giving us all some awesome views!

I was surprised how small the bird actually was, of course I knew its relative size after looking in my copy of Collins Bird Guide but still thought it would be notably smaller then it actually was.

What a little cracker!