07/02/2015 Broadsands, Devon

Cirl Bunting: Back in early January I booked some time off work to coincide with Gary's week off work. We planned a big trip down on the south coast hoping to bag lost of new birds.

However lady luck had her own ideas!
We drove down from Manchester at around 2am and after a long six hour drive one stop for a cup of tea and a whole lot of traffic restrictions we made it to Devon.

If anyone has ever been in my car they may have noticed the chocolate patch on the back seat left behind by Liam, or the very loud exhaust that rattled every time the car is in neutral.

Basically it was on its last legs, but well loved!
Anyway as soon as we arrived in Devon the car gave up and used it's last breath to crawl in to Broadsands car park.

Gary and I were extremely worried, to say the least.

I was just glad to stop and stretch my legs and I said lets forget about the car for now and go see our first Cirl Bunts.

It didn't take long and we found a huge flock of more than 25 birds feeding on the ground at the back of the unused car park feeding on some seed someone had kindly left.

Whoever this was I owe them a drink, we had some stonking views of these birds.
When we got back to the car its was dead and after a three hour wait for the RAC man just to tell us it really was dead we were then towed to the local garage in Paignton.

We waited a further five hours to be told the car should be scrapped and there you go we were stranded in Devon and I no longer had a car!

We had to cancel our plans to drive through to Cornwall and had to pay for an extra hotel room in Paignton and plan a ten hour journey, two busses and a train back up North.

Typical.....gutted......Cornwall doesn't seem to like me, are all words that crossed my mind and other people' s I am sure!
RIP little car.