25/01/2015 Neston Sewage Works

Water Pipit: Today I finally bagged one of my bogey birds, I can't tell you how many hours I have spent looking through the fence at Neston Sewage Plant.

I arrived around 11.20 and waited with two other local birders who where there 20 minutes before me. The three of us spent about 40 minutes searching and only finding Pied and Grey Wagtail foraging around the circular treatment systems.

I decided to stay and wait another hour after the locals left for Burton Mere, I am glad I did as not long after they left a Rock Pipit turned up with a single Water Pipit. Almost as soon as I picked the water pip up it flew off but landed on a fence within the plant. I watched it for a few minutes while it fed just to the left of the fence that it was perching on, until it flew up on to an old lamp post then off out of sight.