21/12/2014 Pugney's Country park, West Yorkshire

Blyth's Pipit: Due to work, weather and a lack 'umph' its taken me this long to go up and see the Blyth's - but I'm glad I waited.

One of the things that has been putting me off is the idea that the only views would be a brief fleeting glimpse of the bird as it occasionally leaves the deck and takes to the air.

But not long after arriving, and after getting a little lost on the way, the bird spent around 15-20 minutes perching in a nearby willow.

It did take to the air and called a couple of times which was really good to hear. 

The other highlight of the day was Pugney's car parking charges, 60 pence for two hours, cheap and a lifeline after searching my penny tray and looking under the junk in the back I managed to find three shiny heptagonal-ish shaped coins!