30/06/2014 Burnley, Lancs

Rose Colored Starling: After finishing work early I shot up to Burnley to see my first rosy starling.

And just in case I was unable to find a pink bird among a flock of black birds my guide for the evening was Alan McBride.
Alan came in handy as he had cased the joint the evening before and was able to take us closer to the bird, which when I arrived was miles away across a playing field.

The bird was happily loafing around with some locals beside Woodbine Gardens and appeared to be feeding in a private garden while periodically perching upon a dead tree within the same garden.

We got some funny looks from the residents and a few people stopping us and asking 'what are you looking for?' Obviously we where happy to stop and tell them that we twitchers descend when a special bird turns up.