06/02/2014 Marshfield, Gloucestershire

Red-flanked Bluetail: My first big twitch of 2014 and what a bird to start with, who would have thought it would have been a February Bluetail.
This little beauty was happily fluttering between the Hawthorns along a very muddy path (thank God for wellies) and occasionally dipping down on to the deck, then back up again.
After observing this bird and how much like a Robin it looked and behaved, I will now be checking every Robin I come across when out birding. I guess I have been lazy and just overlooked Robins, especially in Winter.
One guy came prepared with a tub of meal-worms that he scattered on the ground and angled a broken branch to provide the perfect  perch.

A good idea - I wasn't too sure, as the bird flew off in the opposite direction.