11/01/2014 Moore NR

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: Today I was hoping for some good gulls, but unfortunately the rain has made its way in to my scope so a trip to Richmond Bank was put on hold and myself and Allan McBride decided on a trip to Moore.
This was Alan's first visit here, I was hoping to show him Kingfisher and Iceland Gull, I also mentioned we might be in for a chance of a LS Woodie, but I never really thought we would be lucky enough to catch up with one.
After a quick walk past the Lapwing Lake hide and visit to the feeding station we walked around the small wood between and heard the distinctive drumming of the small woodpecker.
From behind us this bad boy appeared and gave us a great show just as the clouds parted and the blue skies in came in to view.

Alan and I walked over to the Phoenix Hide via Birchwood and Pumphouse Pool - both of which were void of any gulls!
I was disappointed about the lack of gulls but it was great to see the LS Woddie, a few mixed flocks of Siskin and Redpoll and it was nice to catch up with Alan.