23/12/2013 Moore NR

Iceland Gull: Its always worth braving the winter storms when you find an Iceland Gull.

(1st winter bird)

I have recently made a few trips to Moore and Richmond Bank for a spot of gulling and it was great to finally be rewarded this time.

There were gulls everywhere, Birchwood pool and a few hundred and I spent a couple of hours there scanning over them before admitting defeat and trying the nearby Pump House Pool.

There was even more gulls on Pump House and as the clouds rolled in bringing sheets of rain and gusty winds I found a single juvenile bird.

 Apart from finding my first Iceland Gull the other highlight of the day was coming across this brand new interpretation board of the site.

Look closely and you will see TWO of MY photographs on show with my name below. The small yellow flower (Birdsfoot Trefoil) butterfly (Brimstone on Bluebell)


Nice surprise to come across.