16/09/2013 North Wirral Shore

1st Winter Mediterranean Gull: Despite the wind the sand and the rain showers I had an excellent day out on the wonderful North Wirral shore.

First I headed across to New Brighton where I huddled against the life guard station with a gang of birders, trying to shelter from the gale force winds.
Here I spotted my first of five LEACH'S STORM PETREL and ended up spotting five birds.

As the cold started to penetrate my thermals I decided to go for a wander to warm up and was told I just missed some Storm Petrels.....gutted!

Adult Winter Mediterranean Gull: I did however spot a 1st inter Med Gull on the grassy field behind where we were standing.
And I spotted this adult Med Gull on West Kirby Marina Lake, this bird has been hanging around here for a while now. Well worth keeping an eye out if you're passing.

Unfortunately I didn't get any shots of the Leach's but Zac did check this out http://zacswildlifeblog.blogspot.co.uk/