20/06/2013 Martin Mere WWT

White-spotted Bluethroat: To think I had no proper plans today when I woke up! And in the end  it is filled up with a trip to Martin Mere to see my first WS Bluethroat, BRILLIANT.

I got pretty lucky going early, I arrived just after the doors opened and this payed off as the bird showed better in the morning than the afternoon, giving me some great views of it singing and preening.

A needle in a haystack never had more meaning, for such a striking bird with some very vivid colour on its breast it is well camouflaged in the pile of brash.

It was  Chris Tomlinson who found the bird yesterday evening way out on the reserve and he showed me where it was.

The guys from Martin Mere were very helpful and I am grateful they let us birders go out on to part of the reserve which is usually out of bounds, cheers guys.